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5 star Indian Recipes

Article by sravanti

Tried & Tested Delicious Chef Recipes……Collection of more than 1000 chosen Indian recipes……

Here are the Best Indian recipes compiled by Award winning Five star chefs of India. A Collection ofDelicious Indian recipes beautifully arranged covering everything of Indian cooking.More than 1000 Mouthwatering Indian Recipes to choose.Make wonderful Mouthwatering dishes at home and surprise your loved ones, friends and relatives. It is not just a collection of recipes, Five Star Indian RecipesE-book has detailed step-by-step instructions, which actually shows, you how Indian 5 Star

Serve Chef Style Delicious Indian cuisine to your family and friendsEveryone will be shocked at your success in cookingLearn the Secrets of Professional cooking from these 5 star chefsEvery recipe in this book is written inSimple English & Easy-To-Follow steps.Five Star Indian Recipes will delight every Indian food lovers. Beautifully arranged in full color and packed with new recipes specially chosen by Award winning Chefs.This e-book will be a your treasure of information and guide for both beginner and any master chef. You will get everything you need to make a complete meal or a quick-make meal.Do not spend Hours & Hours for cookingYou don’t have to spend hours and hours for cooking. Our Chef’s have included time-saving hints and tips for most of the recipes.All of the recipes are easy to prepare, and sure to please everyone. You can get the ingredients from any Indian grocery store.

& detailed Methods of preparation.Step by Step methods to get the real taste and aroma as you get it in an Indian Restaurant. Follow the simple instructions and achieve superb results every time you cook.* Chicken Curry, Korma* Chicken Tikka Masala* Vindaloo, Tandoori etc* Naan, Rotis & Breads* Rice & Biryani* Veg & Non-Veg Dishes* Jalfrezi, Reshmi Chicken* Soups & Rasams* Spice Blends* Starters, Snacks, Salads* Curries and Pickles* Chutneys and Sides* Desserts & Beverages* And Much More!

How Many recipes are there in each Category?Summary of RecipesRecipe Category Recipes Included in this eBookMain Dishes(Veg & Non-Veg) 182 recipesSide Dishes (Veg & Non-Veg) 166 recipesSnacks 151 recipesSweets & Desserts 97 recipesBreakfast Recipes 90 recipesRice & Biryani(Veg & Non-Veg) 75 recipesChutneys 59 recipesPickles 43 recipesPowders 45 recipesSalads 42 recipesIndian Breads(Roti, Naan, Chappatti etc..) 25 recipesBeverages(Lassies, Shakes etc) 22 recipesSoups 30 recipesIts simple!! Try it Out.The ingredients are detailed with the correct proportions to have the final outcome with the real flavour from India. This Book will be your Ultimate collection of Indian Recipes. With over 1000 recipes at your home, you do not have to search any more for Indian Recipes. It will be a Great add-on to your Recipes Collection.1000 Indian Recipes will be an Asset for your cooking!See for the screen shot of the cook book for more idea.

Hint:Look out for the Bookmarks on the left side for Easy Navigation. You can click on the “+” sign on the Bookmark to reach every individual recipe under each category with a simple click. As it is an eBook, you can also search for your favourite recipe with “Find” option. A detailed clickable “Table of Contents” is also there at the begining of this eBook. This colorful Book has been Beautifully arranged with detailed Ingredients and Step-By-Step Methods of Preparation for every Recipe.

Not only this, With Your Order You Will also Receive:* 1000+ Five Star Indian Recipes, E-Book* The Ultimate 350 Salad Recipe Collection* 400 recipes in the Classic Dessert Collection* Over 300 Quick and Easy Sandwich Recipes* Parenting guide, E-Book.* A complete guide for make-up, E-Book* Guide for caring Hair, Hands & Feet, E-Book* Make your own cosmetics at Home, E-Book* Immediate Access to our Delicious recipes.

so have a copy of your own NOW!

Serve Chef Style Delicious Indian cuisine to your family and friends

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Detailed Recipe:

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More Chinese Starters Ideas

There are lots of vegetarian Chinese starters you can make. What about homemade egg rolls or spring rolls with cabbage, mushrooms and bean sprouts inside or vegetarian dumplings?

Stuffed mushrooms or zucchini work well and you can use spiced rice as the filling. Chinese chicken wings are great at a buffet and you can add Chinese ingredients like water chestnuts, oriental mushrooms or bamboo shoots to any salad recipe to give it a flavour of China.

Recipe for Chinese Crepes

Cook cubes of fresh pumpkin in vegetable stock, adding other vegetables such as onion, leek, potato, carrot or turnip if you wish. If it does not appear that there is enough liquid in the recipe, review it again. Some vegetables have liquid that they will release while cooking. Other ingredients, such as meat, release juices, as well. Remember not to stuff your crockpot. An ideal amount is two-thirds full. If it is less full than that, it will take less time for the meal to cook. These tips will help you become familiar with your crockpot and its performance.

Chicken And Crockpots

Whether you feel like making barbecued chicken wings, chicken and dumplings, or chicken enchiladas, there is a crockpot recipe for it. Buy several whole chickens when the price is down. Cut them up and freeze the parts in separate bags. Your family will enjoy this delicious meal. Serve it over steamed rice or crisp Oriental noodles. There was that recipe you made a couple weeks ago that everyone loved, where is it? You dig through handwritten papers, torn out magazine pages, and tattered index cards. Stop and read a card you’re you remember now you were dying to try 6 months back. Somehow when it came to your home filing system you just never got to the kitchen. Now is the time to take action and get all those recipes organized!

Paper Recipes: As I’m sure you have found printed recipes come in many shapes and sizes. Don’t put back recipes you aren’t going to use again now that you have everything spread out. Recipes you didn’t like can just go into the recycling. If it is a recipe you still want to try I would suggest one of two options. You could admit you aren’t really going to try it and recycle it, or you can create a “recipes to try” category in your home filing system. This category is great when you are looking for something different or exciting! Then when you finally try them for the first time you can either file them into one of categories you created or recycle them!

They both allow flexibility for sizes of recipes, and give you the ability to add in pages where you need them as your collection grows and changes. They will easily stay open while you cook, and can be easily cleaned off if you spill food on your recipe.

Electronic Recipes: Keeping our recipes on computers as oppose to on paper is becoming more and more common. When starting a home filing system for your electronic recipes you have two choices. Are you going to store them on your computer or online?

Think of the daily frustration that could be eliminated by organizing getting your recipes. Take the time to organize today!


Master Cleanse Diet Recipe – Recipe To Success

Article by Robert Carleton

Many people are interested in using the master cleanse diet recipe as a way to lose weight and detox their body. It has helped thousands of people over the years and seems to be the one diet and cleansing recipe that can handle the balance between working and being non harmful. Every one is different and everyone will react differently, but with all the successes many people have experienced, you will most likely have great success too.

This cleanse is also referred to as the lemonade diet, the cayenne pepper diet and the maple syrup diet, obviously because of it’s main ingredients. The whole idea is to use these ingredients to wash the harmful toxins from your system and ‘reset’ your internal balance.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with what this diet entails, here is a brief overview. You may not realize it but most people actually have a a large amount of toxins in their systems. These toxins can run the gambit and cause minor, or major, health issues. Some of the most common issues are things like fatigue and constipation. Eliminating these toxins is the primary focus of the master cleanse.

You will stay on this liquid diet for a few days, depending on your results. You will drink the master cleanse for several days. Prior to starting the cleanse it’s usually helpful to set a start date and get yourself in the right mindset. You will need to take a laxative on the day before you start your diet since the cleanse doesn’t have any fiber.

Drink one 8 ounce serving every 4 hours while on the cleanse. While on the cleanse you will not be eating any solid foods, you’ll just be drinking the lemonade mixutre. You will stay on the cleanse for 2 to 4 days.

Now, on to the diet mixture recipe. The recipe is made up of commonly found household items. You don’t need to buy any difficult to find products in order to make a cleansing mixture.

Here are the ingredients:

1. Fresh lemons

2. Maple Syrup

3. Cayenne Pepper Powder

4. Water

You can use this recipe to make a full pitcher of the cleanse ( I will also include a smaller recipe if you want to make an 8 oz. glass size of the cleanse):

12 Tablespoons of fresh lemon juice, 12 Tablespoons of Maple syrup, 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper and 60 ozs. of water. Add all ingredients to a pitcher and drink the whole pitcher of lemonade mixture throughout the day.

For smaller glass size (8 ounces) servings use this recipe:

1/2 tablespoon lemon juice, 1/2 tablespoon of maple syrup, 1/16 teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder and 8 ounces of water.

This diet can be done monthly if you so desire. Make sure to stop the diet if you have any allergic or bad reactions. If you have dizziness, muscle cramps, or nausea stop the diet. It’s also a good idea to talk to your doctor before you attempt this type of cleanse, especially if you have any underlying health conditions. Do not use tobacco during this diet cleanse.

Using this master cleanse diet recipe can help you shed unwanted pounds and toxins from your body, which can help you finally achieve the weight loss and health you’ve been looking for. This diet can help alleviate many common minor health issues for you, give it a try.

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